Kassiopi Village 5Km

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Kassiopi Village 5Km

Uniquely on this coast, as well as the ubiquitous “tourist shops” and every kind of eating and drinking facility, there are banks with cash machines, doctors and pharmacies, internet cafes and supermarkets, a primary school and an Orthodox church, travel agents and a police station. The High School of Kassiopi is located just outside the main village in the neighbourhood of Imerolia.

Motor boats, which can be driven by children or adults during the daytime only, are available for hire by the day or week. Excursions run daily from the harbour to all parts of the island.

The road runs through the edge of the town, and a loop takes buses as far as the village square, some 229 m (250 yd) from the harbour. In an attempt to alleviate the traffic density that occurred around the harbour, a Car and Coach Park is provided at the top of the town. One or two taxis (which run 24 hours a day all over the island) are based here. Both town and surrounding area are very safe, at all times of the day with the crime rate having remaining consistently low for the whole north-east coast.

Sometime in the 5th century the temple of Kassios Zeus was converted to a Christian church to honour the Holy Mother – Panayia Kassopitra. In 1537 the church was burned to the ground by the Turks, it was restored between 1590 & 1591.The new church had two altars to accommodate both Catholic and Orthodox religions and inscriptions on the church bear the dates 1590, 1670 and 1832.

Kassiopi is one of the most popular lively regions of the northeast coast of Corfu. This little picturesque fishing village has a population of approximately 1200 inhabitants.

Kassiopi is the biggest village in the northeastern Corfu and the homonymous municipality of the area.
Until recently Kassiopi was known as a traditional fishing village with a picturesque harbour. Kassiopi is still a working fishing port, so you can sit and watch the boats coming in with the daily catch.

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Where exactly is Kassiopi?

The village of Kassiopi lies 38 kilometres north of Corfu Town, opposite the Albanian coastline.

What are the beaches around Kassiopi like?

The beaches are very small and pebbled, and are hidden away around the headland in stunning secluded spots, such as Bataria beach. There are two larger beaches further north – Kalamionas and Imerolia offering various water sports on offer.

Self-catering facilities

The village has been developed to a very popular tourist resort, a pretty trendy place with many bars, tavernas, restaurants with particularly fresh fish thanks to fishermen, gift shops, supermarkets and A.T.M. machines.

Who is best to go to Kassiopi?

Being a lively resort, it is for those who are looking for a bit of life. This part of the typical Greek daytime resort turns into a trendy music center after dark. Teenagers, families, young couples and groups of friends who want life but also to enjoy the beauty of the North East of the island, are welcomed in Kassiopi.

kassiopi corfu kalami blue bay travel

What can I do in Kassiopi and what can I see?

There are important ancient relics. In ancient times, there used to be a prehistoric settlement and a Corinthian city located here. In the 13th Century, the fortification of the headland above the harbour resulted in a castle being built by the Angevin rulers of Corfu (1267-1836), which was considered one of the strongest castles of the Corfu countryside. The Venetians then destroyed the fortress and built their own and the ruins of this Venetian fortress can be seen today encircling the hillside, where it is supposed that the Emperor Nero stopped once.

On the 15 th of August the local church of Panayia Kassopitra, dedicated to Holy Mary is celebrating. This church is aged since the 16 th century, and it was built, where the temple of Jupiter Cassius was. The church is housing a very old icon of Holy Mary, well known by its miraculous powers. On the 15 th of August the locals are celebrating name day of the church with a festival at the harbour. There is plenty of food with “souvlakia” and soft drinks, Greek retsina wine or beers. The people are dancing to traditional Corfiot and Greek songs played by a live band.

Public Transport

There is regularly bus service.

Kassiopi parking areas

There is an open parking area as you enter to the village.

Where can I go with my car from Kassiopi?

If you are staying in Kassiopi and have a car, follow this small guide for routes to the most scenery spots that you can visit during your holiday. Traditional villages and unspoiled beaches full of greenery comprise the magical Ionian Island.


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